Article 1: Definition

The name of the organization is INTERNATIONAL KITE FEDERATION, IKF for short.

Article 2: Character

The IKF is an international non-profit and non-governmental body with member associations and bodies coming from different countries and regions.

Article 3: Headquarters and Secretariat

The headquarters and secretariat of the IKF are located in Weifang City, China and the latter is its administrative agency.


The Future of Kiteflying

With the current increased interest all over the world with kites of all different forms, and the use of kites in many promotion’s in various forms of media, and corporate marketing via commercial’s.How do we as the International Kite Federation (IKF), with such opportunities available harness this exposure of our sport to benefit a broader interest base, which then attracts a greater level of active participants within sport kiting…?

This is a question that has been asked previously, though in different forms, and never fully enacted upon for the benefit of the broader countries of the world. Though, now it is imperative for kiting in general, but particularly sport kiting to be sustainable at international level for future generations to enjoy. There are a number of initiatives which need to be further pursued via each respective countries government’s. To allow the minister’s of relevant portfolio’s such as Sports, Education, and Health, the opportunity be informed of the various proactive applications available within the discipline of sport kiting. The relevant information necessary, for reaching each of these government minister’s portfolio’s, needs to be specific.

In the case of Sport, it must outline, the benefits of sport kiting as an international sport.Then outline the structure already in place at international level as a federation (IKF). The necessary advancement that would be required to have sport kiting involved in already established organised international games. As well as the necessary infrastructure to enable talent identification, and developmental facilities specific to sport kiting at grass roots levels.

For this all to happen and be of benefit to the larger population, and for sport kiting to prosper, the major contributing factor is funding.  While the abovementioned benefits are obvious, how do we then gain and secure the funding.  So such programmes can be of benefit to both the population, the relevant government portfolios, and ultimately sport kiting world wide ?   

As with any government, there are close relationships with major corporate and commercial business entities.  This then takes in the banking sector, building and development, renewable energy and electricity providers, aviation and airline, and motor transport industries to name a few.  All of these mentioned are consumer orientated, as all require direct contact with the population to remain financially and commercially viable. So then we have a wealth of potential financial sponsors to then propose for governmental aligned funding opportunities. This also begins to tie in the links between regional, national, and international levels of sport kiting.  Which then define a relevant progressive structure for those talented enough to pursue sport kiting to the highest representative level’s.   

With sport kiting originating in the United States of America, in the early 1980’s. The sport has seen itself evolve through a number of phases.  As technology improved, so did the advancement in kite design, and also from dual line to quad line sport kites and sport wings. This has allowed sport kiting to progress throughout nearly all continents of the world.  It has also allowed for the opportunity of staged international sport kiting events in different places since 1990. Though at the initial stage, it didn’t truly have world participation in competition.  This has improved somewhat over the past 20 years, as more countries became involved in the high performance end of kiting known as sport kiting.  With such events at international competition level, being restricted to a handful of countries, and to those who were lucky enough to be either sponsor funded, or in some cases funded out of their own pockets.  In reality, this meant in a lot of cases the best teams weren’t always able to compete at such events.  So the need for both government and corporate support to allow the best teams from each participating country to compete is imperative.  Without this level of support, then sport kiting will not be able to reach the wider population, and higher platforms of international games competition. 

I have personally experienced some of the opportunities available from governments in my own country at both state and federal level. Where sport kiting has been proactively sourced, for the marketing of major public events, and also corporate media opportunities with television commercials. The versatility of sport kiting to be able to be used as a dynamic backdrop, and or to promote as a marketing tool a particular industry’s product has no boundaries.  In current years, I have been involved with using sport kiting for major film awards, other major sporting events as alternate entertainment, and also for land sales and development projects. This has proven to me that there is a greater opportunity for sport kiting to evolve further, so that all countries can benefit and participate. In recent years there has been a steady decline with interest to compete at the World Sport Kite Cup.  Mainly due to both, the reluctance to move to various locations around the world, and the best flyers unwilling to travel without relevant funding available.  This cannot be allowed to continue to happen in the future, if sport kiting is to have any chance to move to the next level of international games inclusion.

Nowhere in the world, is moving faster with developing industries and technology than in Asia, and especially China. We are very fortunate that we have been able to stage the World Sport Kite Invitational Tournament at the Weifang International Kite Festival and Championship’s for the past 5 years.  This has been a huge success and certainly has raised the standard of participants, and a higher level of competition.  With this in mind, the next step for sport kiting is to reach a greater world audience by the introduction to such world events as the Asia Games, and Oceania Games, and ultimately the Olympic Games.  The only way this is possible is by the financial support of respective governments, and corporate sponsors.

One of my main goals when first elected to the (IKF) Executive Committee, was to ensure a vast improvement in development with sport kiting standards in competition within the Asian region.  This is still my main focus, and will continue to be in the future as well.  As this is where I believe the resurgence in true International sport kiting competition will take place. Once again though, for this to happen the relevant funding must be sourced from respective governments and corporate entities to stage world class events in the Asian region. To then entice media and marketing opportunities, which then enable interest and coverage to be projected by the electronic media for promotion of sport kiting.  The television networks in the Asian region have dedicated sports channels, and sport kiting falls into the category of an extreme sport as well.  This is where I see sport kiting growing and advancing in further popularity, as it will reach far greater audiences, and potential sponsors by doing so.   

At this stage, I have outlined the relevant reasons, and benefits to a countries population to incorporate sport kiting as an alternate sport.  I have also outlined the relevant ministers in a countries government who should be approached and the reasons and benefits why.  I have also given examples of the relevant corporate and commercial industries that can be targeted for financial sponsorship in conjunction with governmental support. With this in mind, it is now up to each active member of the IKF Executive Committee to make every effort to ensure sport kiting becomes truly international, and advances into the next level of world games competition.

With this also comes the responsibility of laws, rules and regulations for competition. Whereby the use of internationally recognized and endorsed rules are adopted and used at every level of competition.  This also brings into perspective the regulation of allowed standard’s of sport kites used, and the abolishing of illegal kite copies of known world manufacturing brands.  This also makes manufacturers responsible for their products, and to ensure the illegal kite copy industry is once and for all ceased.  This is an ethical matter, which is part of the high standards necessary for inclusion into worldclass games competition.

I ask that the IKF also assist each countries delegate’s with the initial implementation, and multi level diplomatic support necessary. To be able to approach the delegates respective government’s for consideration to funding. This then to be able to develop sport kiting within their countries, and schools at grass roots level, and to further develop advancements in coaching and competition’s for both national and international competition.  This then allows the IKF to take the lead as the recognized International Federation and governing body needed, to have sport kiting ratified for inclusion to major world games events as well.  For sport kiting to truly advance, and attain a higher level of recognition, the IKF needs to be the governing body of the sport recognized internationally by world games authorities. 

The International Kite Federation is very privileged to have as our President,  Mr Feng Xianzhong, the Minister of China Leisure Sports Administration, within the Peoples Republic of China’s government.  I ask Mr President , if you would please give consideration and guidance to my proposal.  With appropriate representation at government, and international games committee level for the promotion, inclusion, and implementation of sport kiting into future International games. I am also willing myself to assist in any way possible to ensure this happens for sport kiting to progress. 

I ask that consideration be given by all present to support the promotion of sport kiting in this way.  So that, all benefit in the future within the sport, and this then allows equal opportunity for all people to pursue the sport at the highest level without reservation. 

Steve Donovan
Executive Committee
International Kite Federation

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