Article 1: Definition

The name of the organization is INTERNATIONAL KITE FEDERATION, IKF for short.

Article 2: Character

The IKF is an international non-profit and non-governmental body with member associations and bodies coming from different countries and regions.

Article 3: Headquarters and Secretariat

The headquarters and secretariat of the IKF are located in Weifang City, China and the latter is its administrative agency.


Speech delivered by Mr. Feng Jianzhong, IKF President

Distinguished Vice President, Executive Committee Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,Good afternoon!

In this bright and beautiful spring season, we meet once again in the world kite capital - Weifang, attending the Enlarged Meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Kite Federation. On behalf of the International Kite Federation, I would like to express my heartfelt welcome and sincere greetings to the delegates and express my sincere gratitude to the Weifang Municipal Government for your efforts to organize this meeting.

In recent years, the IKF has done a lot of work for the development and popularization of the world kite sport, and further plays a role of link around the world kite organizations and the kite fans. Gradual standardization, specialization and internationalization of the work, the continuous development of the world kite sport, the building of the international kite organizations, infrastructure, continuous improvement in the international kite industry, growing influence are what we have done. The Secretariat has conscientiously implemented the resolution of the IKF Conference, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, proactive, pioneering and innovative in carrying out a number of activities, and has achieved many results. Especially in last year, we planning to promote a special Weifang kite successfully travel in space, which has won world attention and has a far-reaching impact. In September of last year, the Secretariat actively contact with the China National Aerospace Office, and made a special Eagle shape kite, which was carried by the Tiangong II space laboratory, and travel in space for 66 days, which is 393 kilometer from the ground, and it becomes highest kite in the world, which is the another initiative development in the history of kite. It will encourage the colleagues of kite community to continue explore the innovation and development of kite sports and climb to a new height.

When given affirmative results to what we have done, at the same time, we must also clearly see that the IKF has a long way to go in hosting events, expanding the international influence. When facing new situation and new tasks, we still lack of capacity and implementation, etc. In order to give full play to the role of the IKF, and do better in the global kite sports, kite culture and kite industry development, I will make the following comments for strengthening the future work for your reference.

First, we will continue to innovate to enhance high-end kite tournament and other brand activities. The high-end kite tournament is the main and core content of the international kite festival. We must continue to enhance the kite tournament organization and competitive level. We will continue to build high-end brand in accordance with international rules and regulations, arrange various events and improve the competition incentive mechanism and approach. We will actively participate in and support kite brand competition in other cities around the world. We will promote the development of traditional kite sport, and at the same time, constantly innovate and expand the content and form of kite sport to make the kite sport full of vitality.

Second, we will develop the industry to take a strong initiative to expand the kite industry. Kite industry is an important support for sustainable development of Weifang International Kite Festival. There are more than 360 kite enterprises in Weifang, and it has broad development prospects. All levels of government and relevant departments should pay more attention to the development of kite industry, and introduce relevant support policies. We should give full play to the role of Weifang Kite Industry Association, make use of Internet + to do a good job of e-commerce business model analysis for kite industry, innovation and development of kite varieties, improve the revenue of kite business; through Going-out and bring-in to further build Weifang kite brand, and actively improve the level of kite art, do a good job in kite visualization, cultural, professional design, improve the quality of kite cultural products and marketing level. We should strengthen the kite market norms, orderly management, and enhance the kite manufacturers, integrity, self-discipline, to ensure the quality and credibility of the Weifang kite manufacturing.

Third, we will develop the operation of the kite market, and promote the market to a higher level. In recent years, the Secretariat has intensified its efforts to explore the market operation, and has accumulated some experience.

The next step is to continue increasing the market operation of kites. First of all, we will fully demonstrate and evaluate the kite market operation of the activities of the project and other resources. Second, we will introduce high-level professional team to be involved in planning and contractors. Thirdly, it is necessary to deal with four-relations, which is, the relationship between market operation and government, the relationship between market operation and public participation, the relationship between market operation and kite industry, the relationship between market operation and going out for exchange and cooperation, and try to do a good job on the above aspects.

Fourth, improve self-construction, and build a more professional IKF with more extensive impact. The construction of a more professional, more extensive scope of the IKF is the current new situation under the new requirements. We should pay attention to the organization and construction of the network, vigorously promote the setting up of kite organizations in the members countries and regions, improve the work mechanism, strengthen the system construction and backbone team building, provide a better technology platform, activity platform, information platform for the kite organization and kite lovers around the world to provide quality services, to make the IKF more cohesive and attractive. We will strengthen the construction of the hardware facilities, such as the IKF Culture Exhibition Park, on the basis of the previous work, and play the role of propaganda. In addition, in order to improve the international level of IKF, we also need to strengthen the kite sports referees and training for personnel to make them be proficient in the international organization operation. Our staff has to study English to improve English communication skills, and tries to communicate with international language.

Members of the executive committee, I hope we earnestly perform the duties, strengthen coordination, work hard, play to our strengths and talents, and jointly do a good work of the IKF. The Secretariat should seriously study the opinions and suggestions made by the Executive Committee and let us work together to make our own contribution to the innovation and development of the world kite sport! Also wish everyone a happy life and good health in Weifang!

Thank you!

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