Article 1: Definition

The name of the organization is INTERNATIONAL KITE FEDERATION, IKF for short.

Article 2: Character

The IKF is an international non-profit and non-governmental body with member associations and bodies coming from different countries and regions.

Article 3: Headquarters and Secretariat

The headquarters and secretariat of the IKF are located in Weifang City, China and the latter is its administrative agency.


Kite kite do successfully hosted the cross-strait cultural exchange activities

The seventeenth session of the Lutai Trade Fair on July 11th - 16 day held in Taiwan. Both sides of the Taiwan Straits kite culture exchange activities is one of the key activities of the Lu Tai will. According to the arrangement of municipal Party committee, City Hall, kite kite do assume cross-strait cultural exchange activities task. Specific guidance on the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and municipal affairs office, Taiwan delegation composed of kite kite city office attended by 7 kite expert, fully prepared for in advance, formulate detailed rules for the implementation of activities. In Taiwan, detailed rules for implementation in accordance with the actual situation and activities, efforts to promote the activities of the task to implement the relevant association, in Taiwan under the assistance of the successful completion of the cross-strait cultural exchange mission kite. Now the situation summarized as follows:
A 12 layer, the grand hotel corridor decoration embodies elements of Weifang. The two sides of the Taiwan Straits of kite culture communication task, is to the grand hotel to the "cross-strait entrepreneurs to Weifang forum" the venue of the 12 layers of the Promenade (50 meters long, 9 meters high, 5.6 meters wide) for decoration. Through on-site viewing, the decoration is very difficult. One is short of hands, the two is the tool less, three is any behavior can not damage the walls of the corridor. The kite delegation in the face of difficulties, grasp the nettle. After careful study, on the evening of July 10th to work overtime, scientific construction, part of delta kites will be 50 meters long 4 Weifang head centipede kite, more than 40 only large butterflies and specialized print "the World Kite Capital Weifang welcomes you", respectively, decoration to the promenade related parts, constitute a colorful, magnificent three-dimensional picture, which embodies the Weifang kite culture characteristics and charm, so many delegates have stopped to watch, camera.
Two, Weifang head centipede kite dotting ceremony for the event and add luster. Weifang dragon eye dotting ceremony centipede kite is a major highlight of the Lu Tai will, both on the event held a blessing wish, is also a concentrated display of opportunity Weifang elements. Therefore, kite office for a comprehensive, fully prepared.
The afternoon of July 11th, vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Xu Liquan attended the Grand Hotel in Taipei square head centipede kite dotting ceremony, together with the China KMT vice president, SEF chairman Jiang Bingkun for the Weifang leading the centipede kite dotting. The ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Secretary Cui Jianping. City leaders Su Like, Wang Shuhua, Li Chuanheng, and the city government delegation, city business delegation, kite delegation members, urban districts, municipal representative of the development zone of Taipei City Corps members, more than 30 kite enthusiasts and cross-strait related media reporter participated in the eye dotting ceremony.
By the Weifang kite experts carefully bar dotting head centipede kite making, waist section 99, 100 meters long, nine nine long auspicious symbol, complete. At the head of a prominent position, were printed "kite spread friendship, on both sides of a dear" and "Longyou Chinese". Eye dotting ceremony, Weifang's famous kite artists also were making demonstration site New Year paintings, kites.
Eye dotting ceremony held successfully, add a beautiful landscape for the event held in. Three, to achieve the desired effect in the city of Keelung kite flying performances. First held in the city of Keelung Weifang kite flying performances, is a comprehensive display of the our city kite culture and kite flying skills, strengthen friendship, one of the most important activities to enhance understanding of the. Therefore, kite, do from the types of fly kites flying performance, the local climate and other aspects were carefully prepared. The afternoon of July 12th, cross-strait cultural exchanges in Keelung kite kite flying activities held in the fishing port Bayside Keelung. Cui Jianping of vice secretary of municipal Party committee and Keelung City Council Speaker Huang Jingtai and other persons concerned to.
In the on-site activities, municipal Party committee assistant deputy secretary Cui Jianping presented one by my kite experts carefully rolling the 30 meter long golden head centipede kite to the city of Keelung. The delegation of the kite kite flying performances and kites, New Year pictures produced a live demonstration, attracted local residents enthusiasm. Taipei Kite Association, Keelung Kite Association, China Association for the promotion of local stunt kites and kite lovers more than 100 people participated in the flying performance.
In the activity, kite delegation also to local students, citizens as nearly a thousand only with the "World Kite Capital Weifang welcome you" special triangular kite. In the suitable wind, my kite delegation enjoy flying with go head centipede, butterflies, morning glory, long series, marine animals such as a large number of kite. The air, colorful and different kinds of kites convey deep and pure friendship; the lawn, two public eagerly sincere communication activities.
For the first time in the city of Keelung kite culture exchange, which lasted two hours, a complete success. "China times", "Wang reported" etc. Taiwan media on this activity made a comprehensive report.
In the successful completion of the above activities, tasks at the same time, kite delegation also with the stunt kite Promotion Association, nine town Kite Museum, respectively, of business exchanges, and reached many consensus and deepen cooperation.
In short, the kite delegation for the first time into the station participated in Shandong Taiwan, not only adds luster to the event, and further strengthen the cross-strait cultural exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, make friends, to promote the kite culture in the broader field of the future, and laid a good foundation for deepening cooperation opened up a broad space.

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