Article 1: Definition

The name of the organization is INTERNATIONAL KITE FEDERATION, IKF for short.

Article 2: Character

The IKF is an international non-profit and non-governmental body with member associations and bodies coming from different countries and regions.

Article 3: Headquarters and Secretariat

The headquarters and secretariat of the IKF are located in Weifang City, China and the latter is its administrative agency.


Memorandum for the 1st Enlarged Meeting of the Second Session of
the IKF Executive Committee

On April 20th 2009, the 1st enlarged meeting of the 2nd session of International Kite Federation Executive Committee was held in Weifang, Shandong, China. The President of IKF, Feng Jianzhong, Vice President of IKF, Hu Jianguo, Chu Baojie, Hans P Boehme, Jae Kyu Kim, Deputy Secretary General and Treasurer of IKF, Jiang Lianshao, Deputy Secretary General, Su Jie, Executive Committee Member, Craig Hansen, Steve Donovan and delegates from member states and districts, totally more than 30 persons took part in the meeting. The meeting is presided by Hu Jianguo, Vice President of IKF. Vice President of IKF, Vice Mayor of Weifang Municipal Government, Chu Baojie delivered a welcome speech. He expresses a sincere welcome to the delegates from the world. He introduced the efforts Weifang has done in pushing forward the kite sport, kite industry and organization work done by IKF secretariat. The President, Feng Jianzhong, Vice President, Hans P Boehme, Deputy Secretary General, Jiang Lianshao, Executive Committee Member, Craig Hansen, Steve Donovan and Committee Member of IKF Competition and Judging Commission, Hans Jansen delivered speeches.
First, Hans P Boehme, Vice President of IKF, introduced the active role of IKF had played since its establishment in carrying forward the world kite culture, promoting the development and popularization of the world kite sport and enhancing the exchanges and cooperation between the kite organizations and fans across the world. He proposed to establish a unique IKF internet platform for communication and cooperation between member states and districts.
In the speech titled Current Situation and Development of Kite and Kite Industry in Germany, Boehme introduced the kite manufacturing, sales, advertisement, etc in Germany. He noted that due to the fact that manual labor was very expensive in most western countries, the major production place was in emerging markets in Asia.
Second, in the speech delivered by Deputy Secretary General and Treasurer of IKF, Jiang Lianshao, titled One Project, One Brand, One Industry, One Sport, he illustrated how Weifang has actively promoting the development of kite sports, fully excavated the cultural resources of kite industry, capitalized and developed Weifang kite industry, which made kite industry develop into a fast-track, and became new economic growth points of Weifang. Weifang Kite had come to the whole country and the whole world, and become a famous brand. According to incomplete statistics, there were 200 kite enterprises in Weifang, with exportation nearly 2 billion yuan annually; in the domestic and foreign market, the shares had reached 70% and more than 50% respectively. Weifang had established cultural exchange relationship with more than 60 countries and districts, and had economic and trading relationship with more than 110 countries and district, which had made Weifang a world-famous World Kite Capital. He raised the following proposals for kite development in Weifang in the new times: First, comprehensively improve the management for industrial development on the kite and raise the overall level of service; Second, detailed planning to the kite industry, relevant supporting policies on the development of kite be made; Third, actively pushing forward the quality of kite and local standards; Forth, further play the roles of kite industry associations to enable the association become an influential organization; Fifth, expanding financing resources and establish kite R&D fund; Sixth, build a kite industry park integrated R&D, processing, production, sales, display, flying, and form a new industry cluster. Become the world’s largest kite distribution and exchange market, and create a world kite R&D, manufacturing, marketing and cultural exchange center for kite.
Third, Executive Committee Member of the International Kite Federation, Craig Hansen addressed in his speech titled Current Development of International Sporting Kites. Firstly, he called on to introduce kite into campus, integrate sport into education. Direct the passion of youth for kites and capture their passion for it, then create for them a happiness that is lifetime, that will in turn bring new talent and future kite masters in to the world. Secondly, control of plagiarism and protect the intellectual property. Plagiarism, and the copying of other people’s designs had becoming an increasing problem for kite manufactures and threatened to the ability of creation. He called for the delegators’ attention copy would damage the reputation of Weifang International Kite Festival. The Chinese Government has taken measures against the criminal activities. Thirdly, the kite industry was currently facing the challenges of the global recession. The challenge brought by global recession has provided good opportunity for restructuring of local industry, and adjust development plan, and restructuring economic recovery.
Forth, executive committee member of IKF, Steve Donovan, retrospected the history and development of world sporting kite, especially the development of sport kiting since 1980s. He analysed the current kite industry in manufacturers of the kite industry, component suppliers to kite industry, sales and consumers. He raised the following proposals, firstly, push forward the development of kite industry by markets; secondly, promote and foster open dialogue with organizations of major government of countries and district organizations (ASEAN summit), media, international sports institutions and major sporting events (Olympic Games). Promote kite by all means we can reach. Thirdly, aligning with similar wind related sports such as sailing, or aviation oriented events; Fourthly, considered a request for, and make approaches for the World Sport Kite Cup(WSKC) to be staged in China, or Asia within the next 3 years, and then regularly in Asia afterwards.
Committee Member of IKF Competition and Judging Commission, Hans Jansen delivered a speech titled Kite and Kite-flying in Western Europe. He introduced the kite development in Western Europe, the situation of kite organizations, kite manufacturers and the future of kite. And raised in his speech to establish a professional and specialized kite organization will do favor to the develop of kite sport, and be good to organize WSKC; Secondly, he thought we should pay more attention to new kite sports, such as kite surfing, which would be the future of kite sports.

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