The 8th World Kite Championships Regulation
Article 1: Definition

The name of the organization is INTERNATIONAL KITE FEDERATION, IKF for short.

Article 2: Character

The IKF is an international non-profit and non-governmental body with member associations and bodies coming from different countries and regions.

Article 3: Headquarters and Secretariat

The headquarters and secretariat of the IKF are located in Weifang City, China and the latter is its administrative agency.


The Future of Kiteflying

Future is not conservation of the ashes, but passing the fire
Kite first appeared in the wars of the Chinese Spring and Autumn Period, some 2500 years ago. One ancient book noted, that the master carpenter LuBan invented kites that were flown high to spy on the situation of the enemy. There is a Monument of LuBan in front of the WeiFang Kitemuseum in WeiFang, ShanDong Province, China.

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Ranking and Awarding

(1) The competitive event competition
① Kite Fighting The first prize and second prize shall be awarded to the 1st and 2nd places while the two third prizes shall be shared by the 3rd and 4th places.
② Sport Kite Compulsory (Team) Top 3 winning teams shall be awarded.
③Sport Kite Ballet(Team) Top 3 winning teams shall be awarded.
(2) Traditional Kite Exhibition: Souvenirs shall be awarded.

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The Promotion and Development of Sport Kite Competition’s within the Asian region

With the current increased interest all over the world with kites of all different forms, and the use of kites in many promotion’s in various forms of media, and corporate marketing via commercial’s. How do we as the International Kite Federation (IKF), with such opportunities available harness this exposure of our sport to benefit a broader interest base, which then attracts a greater level of active participants within sport kiting…?

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1. Hosted by International Kite Federation

2. Organized by Chinese Kite Association Weifang Municipal Government

3. Timing April 22 to 23, 2012

4. Place Fuyanshan International Kite Flying Field, Weifang City, Shandong, P.R.C.

5. Competition Events
(1) Competitive Kite Competition
① Kite Fighting
② Sport Kite Compulsory(Team)
③Sport Kite Ballet(Team)

(2) Traditional Kite Exhibition
① Longest Kite
②Largest Kite
③Best Inflatable Kite without Bones
④Best Overall Performance
⑤Best Traditional Kite ⑥Nightlight Kite

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